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    Differentiate with Marestone

    One of the strongest stones,  which like natural stones, is a well compacted formation of various sized mineral granules that are mostly calcium carbonates including the binder cement. Marestone can be cut and grounded perfectly like natural stone, while having many characteristicst of natural stones.

    Anywhere natural stone can be used,

                                                                        Marestone can be used!

    DURHAM POLICE HEADQUARTERS/U.K. (2013) Dynmaic Facades UK Ryder Architects UK



    • The lightest and safest: Stone weight being 842.4 lbs/ft2 (35.5 kg/m2) for 0.59 in (15 mm)
    • Seismic resistance: Inherent in the system
    • Strong but not brittle: Stronger than almost 90% of the natural stones in tensile and compressive strength
    • Easily workable and processable: You can cut, engrave, channel, chisel, bush hammer the Marestone
    • High wind load resistance: Only 0.47 in (12 mm thick test panels of large size 23.6x 47.2 inches (60×120 cm) resisted to static wind load according to ASTM C1201-91 and CWCT (BS) at min. 9492 lbs/ft2  (400 kg/ m2)
    • Anchorage strength:  Horizontal aluminum profile in the channel of the stone to the stone itself is measured according to ASTM C 1354
    • Impact resistance: Measurements of the system are also very satisfactory. (EOTA & CWCT-BS 8200)
    • Physical strengths and durability: One of the least water absorbing, compact, minimum porosity, high tensile and compressive strengths, high abrassion resistant, excellent freeze and thaw durability material
    • Fire class:  A1. Marestone does not include fibers
    • System components are all inert and non-toxic
    • Fast and accurate installation: Superior features of the Marestone Ventilated Rainscreen Cladding
    • Workable and processable: Marestone pannels can be sawed, textured, channelled etc. according to any needs to form colums, Jhambs, sills, ornaments etc. in a more simpler and easier manner compared to the stones
    • Easiest cleaning: Simple washing methods are sufficient for the least water absorbing, low porosity, high durability and colors are also permanent as consistent with its long life span
    BAKU BOULEVARD HOTEL/AZERBAIJAN (2014) Pasha Construction Mace International Reardon Smith Architects UK


  • TERRACITY SHOPPING MALL ANTALYA/TURKEY (2011) Eria Partners Oncuoglu Architects TR


    Various colors and sizes for your facade!

    The Marestone color selection allows for Design Freedom with  the highest quality natural pigments of iron oxides which are known for having high UV resistances.  Though Marestone being cement based, efflorence is not encountered, color and shades are permanent.


    Unique, Natural, Soft, and Appealing!

    Marestone provides a variety of natural looks .  It can be processed like natrual stones, cut, ground, edged, engraved, channeled, chiseled, honed, polished, bush hammered, and sand blasted.


    Thinnest thus lightest dimensioned stone pannels

    Dimensioned in adherence to tightest tolerances. Marestone typical pannel sizes are 24×59 in (60×150 cm), 24×47 in (60×120 cm). Other sizes can be dimensioned from the basic pannels.  Typical thickness for a typical facade stones is 0.59 in (15 mm). Thickneses are possible from 0.47 in to 3.15 in (12 mm to 80 mm).

    Different colours and textures are applicable by Marestone Technology ; such as  Jerusalem stone, Indiana Limestone,Portland stone, Crema Marfil, Carrara and others.





    snapshot of colors





    Marestone Facade System “one of the world’s least water absorbing and thinnest man made stone in its category


    Large size and thin stone panels are dimensioned, channeled, processed and accompanied with a innovative and dependable back system of load bearing profiles, brackets and anchors.


    Horizontal profiles in channels of the Marestone panels are all through the complete length of the channels at the bottom and the top of the stones. They are made of aluminum and carries the already light weight stone panels in a perfectly load distributing manner.

    Load bearing profiles are aluminum. Aluminum is very strong, ductile, lighter weight, and weather resistant. Sections used are mostly T and L shape. Lengths generally are in range of 3 to 6 meters. The metal thickness, depending on wind load especially, can be from 2 mm to 3.5 mm.

    Brackets are anchored to the structure and load bearing profiles are fixed to them. They provide the distance between the structure’s wall and the rain screen. They also are made of aluminum. Generally being in L shape, they can be in various lengths and thicknesses depending on structural calculations. Space between building wall to the rain screen can be arranged in a large span of alternatives.

    Anchorage of the brackets are provided with safe and proven steel anchors.


    pdfRail System Installation

    For any testing data please feel free to contact us




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    Marestone’s Technical Specifications

    Certification & Test results

    Marestone was tested for relevant technical specifications under the guidelines and regulations of ASTM / EN / BS –CWCT of physical and building envelope tests by accredited organizations; Technology Center VINCI in UK, Istanbul Technical University ITU , Turkish Standartization Institute TSE, Russian Technical Certification Institute.

    • Water Absorbtion  <  2%
    • Wind Load Safety > 400 kgf/m² ( 4 kN )
    • Freeze&Thaw ; No deformation
    • Density > 147 lb/ft3 (2350 kg/m³)
    • Impact Resistance to BS 8200 / Category –B
    • Fire Resistance / Class – A1
    • Thermal Expansion < 0.0054 in/ft (0.45 mm/m)
    • Bending Strength > 14 N/ mm ²
    • Abrasion Resistance ; 0.49-0.67 in³/7.75 in² (8-11 cm³ / 50cm²)
    TERRACITY SHOPPING MALL ANTALYA/TURKEY (2011) Eria Partners Oncuoglu Architects Tr


    Technical Specs

    Wind Load

    > 81.93 lbf/ft²

       400 kgf / m²

    ASTM C 1201


    > 2350 kg / m³

    ASTM C 97

    Water Absorbtion

    < 2 % 1.5 possible

    ASTM C 97

    Bending Strength

    > 14 N / mm ²

    ASTM C 880

    Freeze and Thaw

    No deformation observed

    ASTM C 1026

    Thermal Expansion

    < 0.45 mm / m

    ASTM C 880

    Abrasion Resistance

    < 8-11 cm³ / 50cm²

    Böhme / 699

    * Also review ; CWCT  building envelope tests UK ,  anchorage tests (ASTM C1354) and EOTA impact test results

    pdf Material Safety Data Sheet

    *More typical details are available upon request.













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