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At Enclosure Solutions & Facades, we are passionate about building. Our goal is to deliver state-of-the-art products and innovative solutions to suit the needs of our clients. We represent only the best building products that transform the minds of design professionals and redefine the building process.

Enclosure Solutions & Facades is an official U.S. Representative for Faveker Architectural Ceramics and Terra Cotta Facade systems. In addition, Enclosure Solutions is a distributor of ALU-Xp aluminum rainscreen cladding system. We also provide custom engineering solutions and back up systems for a variety of cladding products, such as metal panels, ceramic, laminates, natural stone, and glass.

From substrate to the face of cladding, Enclosure Solutions & Facades are involved in creating a complete system that is sustainable, economical, and easily constructible. We work closely with architects, owners, and contractors to develop and implement the best and most realistic solutions that fit the design intent and meets building criteria. It is our aim to assist installers in achieving best strategies for productivity, installation quality, and schedule.

Our Product Portfolio includes:
  • Faveker Ceramic Rainscreen Façades
  • Kapital k-fibercement Panels
  • ALU-Xp Extruded Aluminum Wall Cladding Panels
  • Marestone Rainscreen Panels
  • Air Flow Architectural Louvers & Screens


Our Range of Services:
  • Design and Engineering
  • Cladding Consulting
  • Design Assist/Specifications
  • Cost Analysis/Budgeting
  • Material Procurement



Our Core Values:
  • Client Satisfaction: Our clients are the most important in our business model. We believe in exceptional service and we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. Having extensive experience, we understand our clients’ needs and the requirements of a project schedule.
  • Integrity: At Enclosure Solutions & Facades we believe in doing things the right way. Our vision is long term rather than concentrated on immediate rewards. Therefore, we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, integrity and quality.
  • Professionalism : We understand the importance of our image and reputation. Therefore we treat our clients with out most respect.
  • Innovation : We always think of ways to be different, unique, and interesting. Just because it has never been done before, does not mean it should not be done.

    Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Steve Jobs


  • Sustainability: Energy Efficiency and Sustainability are at the core of our products. However, we take the notion of “being Green” beyond our product line. We encourage our clients to use the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly building solutions.


Our Team

Ryan M Stojkovich

US Representative for Faveker Architectural Ceramics and Terra Cotta. In addition, we provide rainscreen solutions using extruded aluminum cladding, natural stone, porcelain stoneware, aluminum composite and aluminum plate systems.


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